Who’s in our Haus?

Rasmus Nielsen


Rasmus Nielsen is a licensed Perth real estate agent specialising in selling residential properties across the Perth metropolitan area. With over 10 years’ experience in the Perth real estate market combined with a further 20 years’ experience in general sales and marketing, Rasmus knows the Perth real estate market and Rasmus really knows how to get your Haus sold. To this end, when it comes time for his clients to sell their Haus, his absolute top priority is to give expert advice that will enhance the selling price and hence place them at a great advantage for their next move.

Originally from Denmark (as in the Scandinavian Denmark), Rasmus moved to Perth many moons ago and is now firmly settled into living his best Perth life together with Ricki and their two young kids in North Perth. When Rasmus is not closing winning deals he is helping out with the local schools, managing the kids soccer club and working his way through his (not insubstantial) gin collection. You can follow Rasmus on Linkedin, Facebook and instagram.  

Rasmus Nielsen, Perth Real Estate Agent

Ricki Nielsen

Director and Haus Styling Manager

After many years working as a senior executive in the Perth construction sector, Ricki decided that it was time to explore her passion for styling, staging and shopping by providing all of our Haus clients with our complimentary Haus Concierge service whilst also providing additional sales and office support whenever needed.

Ricki has a real flair for Haus design and style and she is an absolute master at providing cost efficient advice to ensure that your Haus looks its absolute best at all times. When Ricki’s not getting our Hauses ready for sale or yelling at our kids, Ricki can quite often be found indulging in her passions for swimming and gardening.

Ricki Nielson

Peta Cuthbertson

Sales Assistant/Door Bitch

Peta has worked in many different industries over her long career but after attempting to retire from work some time ago, she decided that being home all day as a retiree was far too dull and boring and so she joined our Haus as our self-declared “Door Bitch” where she meets and greets and cracks jokes with all of our buyers at all of our home opens. When Peta is not gossiping with just about everyone at our home opens, Peta can be found bossing around everyone else in the Haus.