Buying Our Haus Selling

Where there’s a will, there’s a way and the team at the Haus Exchange always find a way!

Additional challenges pop up with more interstate and overseas investors wanting to buy into the Perth market without being able to view the properties in person. 

A Sydney investor was keen to take a look at this property the other day  and so this video tour was created just for this investor by the Haus Exchange. We then had a Facetime meeting so the investor could make an informed decision.

Currently, we now have 3 registered bidders on this property and none of the bidders have inspected the property in person. 

Instead, we have sold them all on this property by virtual means and a proven process that has generated fantastic results for our clients even before the local property boom! 

Our Haus

Welcome to the Haus Exchange!

With the world going crazy and with the real estate market facing some really challenging conditions, why not start a new real estate agency? 

Some might call it crazy, yes, but anyone that knows me will also know that I always relish a challenge and so the time has come to start something new.  This is why I am now in the Haus at The Haus Exchange!

In particular, I have created The Haus Exchange in order to provide fully customised and personalised service as part of an agency where we will always treat all of of our clients just like our friends and our family instead of just a number.  We aim to find out exactly what our clients want and what they need and we then work together as a team to achieve that goal every time. 

Our Haus is your Haus and anything is possible when you are in The Haus!