Market Update

Perth Property Prices February 2023 – what a pleasant surprise

Despite all the media speculation, the Perth property market continues to hold steady. Indeed, the REIWA CEO Cath Hart has recently said that

“Our market remains resilient and stable, particularly when compared to the east coast. Perth and WA are still in an excellent position to weather future rate rises, with our strong economy, growing population, limited stock levels and affordable housing.”  

If the activity level for 2023 so far is to go by, we will certainly see the market continuing to be a sellers market and a good indication is the strong interest from interstate investors. 

Over the summer I’ve been speaking with many homeowners like yourself that are curious about our property value predictions for the year ahead. Many of them have been pleasantly surprised at how the market is going and the value of their home.

You may also be very pleasantly surprised to know just how much your Perth property is actually worth at today’s local prices. 

If you would like to discuss or would like an update on the 2023 value of your home or investment, please get in touch. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to make a move in 2023 or you are just curious as to how much your property is worth.  I would be happy to provide a fully complimentary and with no obligation written report on the current estimated value of your property.

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