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Should you bother staging when selling?

One of our clients recently asked whether they should bother staging and styling their home for sale.

For us the answer to this is yes, yes and absolutely without a doubt YES! It also really doesn’t have to be all that hard and it makes a huge difference to the final sale price of your home.

In essence, it’s just about dressing your home up to look its best, so that it appeals to as many Perth property buyers as possible. In some properties, you can achieve this with just a little bit of decluttering and tidying. However, most of our client’s use our own in house and fully complimentary home staging service, the Haus Concierge to decorate the whole house with furniture and accessories, showing buyers just how easily they could live there in style.

Home styling is also perfect for empty or investment properties as some buyers can have a hard time visualising how they might live in a property without cues like furniture and accessories. Having a fully styled property means that they don’t have to think about this at all, as instead, they can immediately picture themselves moving right on in.

In the end, it is really all just about showcasing and targeting your property in its best light to all potential buyers. Professional home staging make the photos look fantastic, meaning that more buyers will want to come and view it in person. It could be the difference between a buyer choosing to put their time into visiting your home open over another Perth property listing, so why wouldn’t you.