Why do some properties sell for more in the same market?

Have you ever wondered why some properties sell for a great price really quickly when other similar properties are not selling at all and if they do, it is for a lower sales price?

It really comes down a few simple variables.

Preparing your property for sale

The presentation before going to market is key. This ensures that the property is presented to maximise the appeal to as many buyers as possible.

The marketing of the property

The more prospective buyers who view the property, the higher the chance that multiple buyers will want to buy your property. Spending a little extra on marketing, could make the difference between having 2 or 4 interested buyers but that is not all. Having the right marketing copy and understanding what gets buyers attention is critical. In the past 12 months many of our clients properties have ranked as the most viewed property on and this is something that very few agents can provide.

How is your property value tracking in this shifting market?

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Simply get in touch with the property address and a brief description so that we can send you an estimated value based on similar homes sold over the past 12 months.

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