How Carl added $47,105 to his sales price

It is incredibly important in this booming market to have the right sales strategy to ensure that you sell at a premium price.

This simple, yet highly effective approach ensures that you don’t undersell your own home in a hot market.

As a result, Carl increased his sales price by a massive $47,105 from what he was willing to accept when he recently sold with The Haus Exchange.

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However, that was not all as Carl also took advantage of the Haus Exchange Concierge service to prepare and stage his empty home fo sale.

This is what Carl had to say:

“Fantastic agent. Even though I never purchased a property from Rasmus he kept in touch for 4 years so when it’s my time to sell i knew he was the man.

Never had to chase from day 1, updates so frequently i knew exactly whats going on throughout the process.

Tricky property to sell, Rasmus helped navigate through all the issues.

Achieved end results far beyond the reserve. If you want a honest, professional, approachable, diligent, hardworking agent, Rasmus is the man for you. Couldn’t sing enough praises. 10 stars”

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